Simplifying Life Using Technology

We are here to help people in making their day-to-day activities easy and quick using modern technologies.

Customer Centric

Our software and applications are built as per the user requirement and/ or based on the need of the day.


In order to make each application more robust, fast, interactive and unique, we incorporate machine learning methods into it.

User Friendly

Each software or application will come with an attractive interface for easy and quick handling.

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About Us

It is a software development company that mainly focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) software, machine learning tools, web applications, mobile applications and smart applications for societal benefits. Along with app development, it will also manufacture the hardware tools that are necessary for the solution design.

Our Vision

Creating a better and simpler lifestyle for the public by delivering creative applications.

Our Core Skills

We develop all kinds of software and applications. But we incorporate advanced concepts in every product in order to make it more flexible, reliable and exceptional.

Image Processing

We have expertise in Text-Image-Video analytics services, as we create high-tech visual applications that can acquire and analyze images and identify patterns in them.

Data Analysis

We interpret complicated data, detect trends and patterns and create a decision-making system.

Machine Learning

We empower each application with first-rate benefits of machine learning, a technology that enables machines to use data for self-learning.

Artificial Intelligence

We build applications that carry out processes based on machine-learned guidance and drive accurate decisions based on predictive algorithms.

Front-End Development (UI-UX)

We develop secure, convenient to use, feature-rich and interactive web and/or desktop applications for each product.

Mobile Application Development

We develop secure, scalable and easy-to-use mobile applications as per the customer needs.

Technologies We Work With

We mainly work with open-source platforms/ libraries and also use advanced APIs provided by well-known developers.

We Are Trusted

Know how people are rating (out of 10) our applications and services.


Our Team

Meet the people make it happen and provide you the great stuff. Also, you can connect with them and know what they are working on.

Parameshwar R. Hegde, Ph.D.

Owner & Application Developer

Our Blog

We share our knowledge and expertise as a series of stories with our valuable stakeholders and others.

Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

This is the first article in the artificial intelligence blog series. This write-up compared the human intellect along with the machine's thinking ability.

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If you have any queries regarding our product and/ or services, please contact us.